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Fly tying: UV resin to secure parachute hackle

Proof that really good fly tiers are also real innovators, Tim Flagler, in the short video below, demonstrates yet another way to tie a parachute-style dry fly. The method he demonstrates below seemed pretty dubious to me, but Flagler swears by it.

Parachute-style dry flies are likely more popular these days for common mayfly hatches than the original patterns they’re based on. They float well, offer solid visibility, and offer the angler a “two for one” presentation—these flies can mimic standard dun hatches, but they are also reasonable representatives of spinners that fall as hatches start to wane. Flagler offers a up host of parachute methods on his YouTube site, all of them designed to make tying parachute flies a little bit easier.

And, with some big hatches just around the corner in various parts of the country, it’s a good time to hone your parachute skills and fill some depleted fly boxes.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.