For you masochistic anglers out there who actually enjoy fishing tiny emerger patterns, this one’s for you.

(And, yes, on occasion, I’m one of you. Insert face-palm emoji here).

The RS2, which stands for Rim’s Semblance 2, is one of the most effective small emerger flies ever crafted—it can be absolutely deadly in the fall and early spring when Blue-winged Olives are emerging.

Above, Tim Flagler ties Rim Chung’s RS2, using a few little tricks of his own to make the fly a tad bit easier to craft at the vise. This is one of those patterns that might require a few sessions to really nail. It’s small, and the beaver-dubbing method, particularly for tiers who aren’t used to using it, can often leave those tying it quite frustrated.

As with anything else, practice makes perfect. One thing is certain, however—the RS2 is easily one of best emerger patterns out there, and if you’re going to fish small mayfly hatches, having a handful in your fly box is essential.