Fly tying Fishing

Three little nymphs

I love the way Matt Callies from Loon ties flies. Check that. I love the way he converses when he ties flies.

You can tell Callies is a fly fishing guide and not just a vise junkie. He fishes what he ties, and he’s pretty pragmatic about what comes from his vise when all is said and done.

Above, he tackles some great spring nymphs and soft-hackles, and shows us some great little tips and tricks to help us save time at the vise and tie flies that are meant to be fished. And they’re great takes on some classic bugs, too, like the Frenchie, the Carey Special and the good, old Pheasant Tail.

Throw in a couple of soft-hackle swingers, and this episode of Loon Live is worth the hour or so it takes to get through it. What I like most about Matt’s Loon offerings is that they’re meant to be watched while you follow along at the vise yourself.

See if you don’t agree.