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FITS light hiker-crew socks

Let’s face it…socks are not the kind of gear which occupy much of our thought, in the way that a sexy, machined-aluminum fly reel might.

But this somewhat overlooked bit of gear is one of the most crucial elements of our comfort out on the river. Over the past few weeks I have spent a good deal of time wearing the FITS Light Hiker Crew socks and I absolutely love the fit and comfort. Like many of you, I have tried numerous brands of performance socks with varying degrees of merino wool and other materials, but the FITS company has nailed the sock formula in a way that provides breathable, all-day performance, with a soft feel that makes you forget about your feet altogether.

These socks were engineered to hold the shape of your foot without being overly constrictive, and even with frequent footwear changes for multiple activities throughout a given day, they still felt just like the moment I put them on. These “made in the USA” socks are perfect for long days in waders, hiking in and out of your favorite spot, or just about any other activity you can think of.

The allure of the FITS Light Hiker Crew socks is not all about function, however. If you go to the FITS website to look at options, you will be blown away at the number of color and pattern choices available. Whether you are looking for performance or casual fashion, FITS has a comfortable sock for all your needs.

— Scott Criqui

By Trout Unlimited Staff.