Nothing can ruin a day on the stream faster than a fall. Whether you just get soaked, or worse yet, get injured, being steady on your feet as your get in and out of the water is something you cannot afford to take for granted.

Hillsound FreeSteps6 make being sure-footed a lot easier. These ultra-light crampons are perfect for ice, mud, rocks and all types of wet mixed terrain. They fit snuggly over any shoe (for those of you who trail run or hike) or boot, and instantly increase the amount of traction you get virtually anywhere.

While the FreeStep6s are engineered for winter activities (including having 21 stainless steel spikes and a harness made of rubber that remains elastic in sub-zero weather), I have worn them in both winter and spring conditions and found them to dramatically increase the traction I get on any terrain. And, as a small river fly fisherman who is regularly climbing in and out of the water, or standing in the middle of a river, the extra traction in such a light-weight package is a welcome addition to my gear collection.

As an added bonus, they are fairly easy to slip on and off my boots, meaning I can take them off if the terrain (like the floor of my local fly shop) would be damaged by these tough, durable crampons.

— Ron Gardner