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Kammock's Kuhli weather shelter

Weather has always had a way of rearranging an outdoor experience.

There’s a famous quote by Mark Twain that says, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Many of us have seen it all while fishing, camping, rafting and hunting on our public lands. Snow in May, monsoonal rains in July, intense desert heat in August and stinging cold in November. Regardless, we take those experiences and use them as lessons to be as prepared as possible to do something about it.

I’m certainly no exception to that rule. I’ve learned with two kids that I need to keep everyone happy no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw our way. This past spring, we decided to do a pre-permit season trip down the San Juan River in southern Utah. By the time we pushed off from the boat launch near Mexican Hat, Utah, we looked like a traveling circus. Seven kids and six adults ready to spend several glorious days floating past canyon walls filled with signs of those who came before us.

Springtime weather in the desert can be tricky. It’s tough to get it right even with modern technology at our disposal. This year we added the Kuhli versatile weather shelter by Kammock to our arsenal. With its extreme packability and versatile uses I was comfortable for just about any weather scenario the desert could throw at us. We tend to overpack and often forget key items, but not this little gem. It packs down so small, like the size of a small bag of chips, that it now lives tucked away in a corner of our dry box.

For the seven kids on our trip it was an incredible way to get out of the hot relentless desert sun. Admittedly, I didn’t open it up prior to our launch date which usually causes frustration when you need to get it set up quickly. Thankfully, the folks at Kammock are on our side. Setting up was genuinely easy. We turned that beachfront river property into a luxurious cabana in no time, keeping our kids happy and out of the sun before attitudes went completely south.

If you’re looking for a solid solution to sun, rain, wind and snow the Kuhli weather shelter is something that should live in the back of your truck or boat. You might even achieve hero status for the duration of the trip for being the most prepared.

By Josh Duplechian.