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New gear: Fair Flies fly-tying brushes

Finding the best fly-tying materials can be really difficult, particularly when you take into account things like finding ethically sourced materials that provide living-wage jobs for the folks who assemble them or even tie flies for a living.

Fair Flies Fly Tying Brush from Angling Trade Media on Vimeo.

Fair Flies is an Oregon-based company that handles the latter decisions for you—and the company provides some revolutionary materials that make tying traditionally difficult flies really easy. Finding complex, multi-faceted tying materials for fish like steelhead, bass and pike can be challenging—it’s why flies tied for these fish often cost several dollars each if you find them in a fly shop. Check out the kinds of materials available here, and see if Fair Flies doesn’t have something to make your flies better … and a little easier on the conscience.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.