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Pescador on the Fly's El Boso sling pack

Our friends at Pescador on the Fly make fly fishing gear that’s light and packable and functional. It’s just the thing for the traveling angler.

And now, they’ve launched a fully loaded sling pack. They call it “El Bolso” – the bag. It’s got tons of extra D rings, multiple places designed to clip your fly-fishing gear, and three zippered pockets.  It comes with two carabiner clips to attach your travel fly rod, combo, or rod tube to the pack. You can even switch it up to angle left or right depending on where you want it positioned on your body.  

 What’s more, El Bolso comes fully loaded, with over a dozen tools and accessories including 5X tapered leader, 5X tippet, nippers, strike indicators, weights, tippet holder, floatant holder, fly patch, double-sided fly box and forceps. It even comes with a high quality portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can take your music with you on and off the water.

Pescador on the Fly is a TU Business member, and they devote a portion of all sales back to conservation.