To Wait on Pale Ice

Day 1

The Adventure Series is a collection of outdoor experiences, highlighting stories about people with a shared appreciation for wildlife and wild places. These stories reach across cultural and political boundaries, connecting all walks of life and geographies. In pursuit of broadening our collective understanding, TU is partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Arctic Beringia Region this week to take you into the heart of interior Alaska. Follow along each day this week as we bring you the series, “To Wait on Pale Ice,” photographed and written by Woodruff Laputka of the WCS.

K met me in the Walmart parking lot with two snow machines on a trailer, on a cloudless mid-March morning at 11. Our plan was to head for Harding Lake, meet O, and ice fish all day for what would be my first time. K was enthusiastic, smiling ear to ear as we headed south.

“I’ve never caught a fish on Harding Lake,” K told me.

“How many times have you tried it?” I asked.

“Eight times,” he remarked, smiling wider. “It’s really technical for ice fishing.”

With little reference to go on, I would soon see just what “technical ice fishing” meant.

Stay tuned all week for more.