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How to use shanks for articulated flies

And which ones to use, depending on the patterns you’re tying

I started using shanks for tying articulated flies a couple of years ago, and last year, in Argentina, I enjoyed some great streamer days for big trout using the fruits of my labor.

There are a few choices when it comes to choosing which shank to use for the flies you’re tying, but, generally speaking, the idea is the same: shanks let you make longer fly bodies and then hang a “stinger” hook off the rear of the fly. We’ve all had frustrating streamer days where fish seem to attack the flies from behind, often striking, but missing the hook. This solves that issue.

Above, Tim Flagler provides an introduction to shanks that he uses to tie articulated flies, and shows some simple methods he uses to attach the stinger hooks to the shanks.

The end result is a longer streamer that incorporates more natural movement. With fall streamer season coming soon, these flies can really add to your collection and improve your catch rate. Check it out and see what you think.