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Trout Tips: Fish the Edges

Steve Zakur of Connecticut fishes the edge of a stream bank on a small stream in Montana.

My buddy Mike Sepelak is a thoughtful angler. He’s got a steady cast, a smart approach to fishing, and, perhaps most importantly, he’s great to travel with.

Over the years, he and I have fished in four countries for everything from bonefish to pike to roosters, with varying degrees of success. But, no matter how the fishing is, he’s one of those guys for whom “fishing” encompasses a great deal of other stuff, like taking in the local culture, visiting over a beer or just enjoying quality road time. Mike gets it. Fishing is much more than the act of actually fishing.

But, as anglers go, he’s a good one. When Mike talks about fishing, I listen.

Case in point, some advice from Mike that appears in TU’s newest book, “Trout Tips”:

Fish the edges. The edges of banks. The edges of seams. The edges of deep to shallow. The edges of warm to cold. The edges of day to night. The edges of seasons. The edges of your life. It all happens at the edges.

—Mike Sepelak

It’s good advice all around. Thanks, Mike.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.