Fishing Trout Tips

Trout Tips: Have someone read to you

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online for overnight delivery.

When I was learning to read books, I learned by having someone read to me. Soon, I was able to pick out a word or two, then sentences, paragraphs, etc. Eventually, I was able to read an entire book by myself.

Reading the water is similar. When I began fishing, almost all my fishing experiences were on lakes and ponds. Locating fish was a matter of looking for structure or depth. When I began trout fishing, I learned quickly that most of the time, I would be fishing moving water, which I had no experience with. My first five trips to my local trout river were fishless. Each piece of water looked as good as the next. Frustrated, I began asking questions and observing where others were fishing successfully… in other words, I asked those with more epxerience than I had to read (the water) to me.

Soon, I could pick out one or two likely spots. Then a few more. Eventually, I was able to identify the most likely water on longer stretches by applying what worked on the smaller sections. Eventually, the entire stream became readable and less intimidating.

—Mark Dillow, Ex-Officio and Texas State Council Chair

By Chris Hunt.