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Trout Tips: Pay attention

Sometimes you have to get the trout’s attention.

Often, the simplest advice is the best. And when it comes to fly fishing, with all its trappings and the intimidating vocabulary ranging from fly sizes, line and rod weights, tippet sizes and sink ratings, simpler is better, particularly for folks who are just starting out.

That’s why this tip from renowned photographer Tim Romano is my favorite tip in TU’s new book, “Trout Tips.”

“Where there are naturals, make it look natural, and where are aren’t naturals, make them pay attention.”

Right? Simple. It’s a good credo for a day on the water. If you see bugs hatching, find the bug in your box. If you don’t, find something in your box that might make a trout take a second look. When I first read this, I was floored with the simplicity. Thanks, Tim.

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— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.