Fishing Trout Tips

Trout Tips: Rifle-shoot that cast

Editor’s note: The following is experpted from TU’s new book, “Trout Tips,” which is available for overnight delivery.

When prospecting for trout, don’t flock-shoot and cast to the top of the run where you think there might be a fish and let your fly drift throught the whole run. Split the pool or run into thirds or halves. Cast to the water in front of you first and then move up. The other way will have you catching only one fish and spooking the rest with drag or lining the fish. Similarly, only cast the length of the leader or less so there is no impact on the fish from your line hitting the water. Doing this will also let you have a drag-free drift of your fly.

—Alice Owsley, Riverside Angers, West Yellowstone, Mont.

By Chris Hunt.