Fishing Trout Tips

Trout Tips: Size down or switch on a refusal

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s new book, “Trout Tips,” available for order online.

If you know a fish saw your fly and didn’t pay attention to it, switch your pattern entirely. When the fish does pay attention, mabye even tracks it … rises… juuuust about opens its mouth, but, at the last minute, says, “Nah, thanks anyway,” you also want to switch and wait a bit before the next cast. But that switch should be to the same pattern fly (or close), one size smaller. You almost sealed the deal with a 16. I’d hit ’em with an 18 next time. Doesn’t always work, but it works better than sizing larger, or making a blind guess at another pattern.

— Kirk Deeter

By Chris Hunt.