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Trout Tips: Small-stream fly patterns

I love small-stream trout fishing. High summer, when it finally arrives in the Rockies, is the perfect time to get into the backcountry and chase trout in smaller waters.

In the video above, we cover some basic small-stream fly patterns that I like to use. I’ve always been a fan of using flies on small streams that are easy for me to see, with the fish’s perspective coming in a close second. As I note above, in small, backcountry streams that stay locked up in snow and ice or under high water the majority of the year, anything buggy is going to get a look.

While small-water trout can be spooky, it’s usually not the fly that sends them scurrying for cover—it’s careless misteps in the water or a shout downstream to your buddy that often makes these fish hug the bottom. Small-stream flies are high-floating, larger-than-life offerings that are simply too good to refuse.

And stay tuned… we’re producing a handful of small-stream tips that’ll run throughout the rest of summer and into the fall.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.