Trout Tips

Trout Tips: The approach

Patience is perhaps the most elusive virtue—instant gratification, especially these days, is easier to attain. And it’s no different for fly fishers. Finding a good stretch of water to fish isn’t all that hard, but approaching it correctly, and giving yourself the best opportunity to catch not just one fish, but several fish, can prove problematic without a bit patience.

Above, Russ Miller of Umpqua walks along a very nice run on a winter stream in Colorado. Rather than rush right to the best water in the stream, Russ walks a bit and really looks at the river—he identifies quality water, likely holding areas for trout and, just as importantly, a place where he can get into the water to best approach the the trout he’s after.

Check it out. This is really good advice.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.