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Trout Tips: The throw bag

One of the many “little things” that can foul up your fly cast is a wandering elbow. First it’s tight to your side, like it should be. Then, after a while, you get a little tired and a little lazy and it starts to meander away from your side and, before you know it, it’s all over the place. And so is your fly cast.

One of the best tips to consistent accuracy with a fly rod is to keep your elbow tight to your side. I learned this from a bonefish guide in the Bahamas who was apalled at my full-arm cast in the wind for tailing fish. He took a life jacket from his boat and made me tuck it under my casting arm.

“Don’t let that jacket hit the water, man,” he said. It was a great lesson, and one that TU’s Kirk Deeter demonstrates in the video above. If you can keep your elbow tight to your body, you’ll be much more accurate. What’s not to like about that?

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— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.