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    The biggest wastes of money in fly fishing

    Don't stare at an indicator all day long on a guide trip. Have the guide help you improve your skills. You want to learn how to fish mouse patterns? Ask her or him for help. Want to be a better roll-caster? Ask for help. Don't waste your money otherwise. Five ways to spend big and…

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    A clean fly line makes for a clean cast

    When I was younger, I put myself through college mowing lawns. I worked for a great guy who built a solid business trailing lawn mowers all over the Denver suburbs and unleashing a team of college and high-school kids to get the work done.  But every Monday morning, instead of meeting at some Cherry Hills…

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    RIO SlickCast fly line

    The new RIO SlickCast fly line is billed as the slickest line ever crafted

    Billed as the slickest fly line ever crafted — and not slick as in "cool," slick as in ... well, slick — RIO's new SlickCast fly lines are designed to provide the least amount of resistance as the line shoots through the guides of a fly rod. According to the company's testing, the new SlickCast…