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    Tip – All about leaders

    Here’s a bit more info on some basic gear; leaders.

    Here’s a bit more info on some basic gear; leaders. When do you need to change them and how do you do that? Watch Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis explain these details as well as how to avoid a tangled mess when unfurling a leader.

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    Tip – River Etiquette

    Since this is the time of year when we are supposed to focus on being nice rather than naughty, we bring you some basic river etiquette tips from Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer. In addition to these tips consider the following: If the river is crowded and you’re trying to find a spot to squeeze in,…

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    Tip – fly fishing in the wind

    This time of year, storms often kick up excess wind, but just because it’s windy out doesn’t mean you have to stop fishing. Check out these tips from Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis on how to beat the wind. Now get out there and enjoy some fall fishing!

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    Tip – Urban Fly Fishing

    Fly fishing doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive. You also don’t have to travel across the globe. Bass, bluegill, carp and many other species live in urban areas that are accessible to nearly anyone year-round. Many find respite in fly fishing, but access can be tough for those living in urban centers to traditional…

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    Tip – Small Stream Fishing

    A man casts into a small stream with many stones

    If you haven’t already, now is the time to hit small creeks for great end-of-summer fishing. They don’t hold the biggest fish, but the fish are generally plentiful and beautiful. Plus, the waters are often cooler than bigger rivers, which is a quality to adhere to when temperatures rise.   Tom Rosenbauer, of Orvis fame, tells…