2017 Sweepstakes Winners

  • Grand Prize: Michael W. (CA)
  • First Prize: Michael K. (NY)
  • Second Prize: James W. (AR) & Nathan P. (PA)
  • Third Prize: Michael P. (CA), Janet J. (CO), & Gregory A. (CA)
  • Fourth Prize: Clayton B. (CA), Mark J. (ME), & Eric M. (PA)
  • Fifth Prize: Troy R. (CO), Henry H. (WI), Kathy S. (MN), Thomas M. (NY), William S. (PA), Michael A. (TX), Dennis O. (CA), Edmond H. (NC), Jay W. (AL), & Brian D. (MA)
  • Sixth Prize: Kenneth W. (CA), Dwain M. (MA), Kirk F. (IN), Ross S. (IL), David B. (CO), Rich S. (CA), George E. (MD), Daniel H. (CA), Joe K. (CA), William B. (PA), Allen B. (CO), Jeffery W. (MI), RJ C. (MT), Ben T. (WI), & Matthew M. (PA)
  • Seventh Prize: Ralph L. (TX), Nolan M. (GA), Albert W. (WA), Jerry H. (WA), Dick F. (SC), Terry B. (PA), Steve K. (MN), Jerry W. (WY), Johnathan M. (NY), Nathaniel O. (CO), Jonathan S. (CA), Tom S. (GA), Michael G. (CA), Thomas G. (TX), & Stephen W. (NY)

Congratulations to all who won and thanks for entering!

All winners have been contacted. For a complete list, please contact our Membership Services Team here, or at 1-800-­834-2419.

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