Angler scientists make a difference

Trout Unlimited’s culture of volunteers who step up to care for their home waters — getting their hands dirty to protect, reconnect, and restore trout and salmon habitat — is a pillar of the organization.
Those within the TU family know the value of these types of efforts, but it’s also gratifying when they are recognized by others outside the organization. That’s why it was so rewarding when TU’s Angler Scientists recently got a shout-out from, an organization that pioneers providing tools and apps for the field of Citizen Science.
Based at Colorado State University, wrote articles —not once, but twice — to share the good work of Trout Unlimited’s membership.
Check out these salutes to TU volunteers Carol Nix, who monitors water quality on her West Virginia property, and to Lynne Euse, who works with TU to monitor potential impacts from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
— Matt Barney

By Chris Hunt.