Announcing the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition, a group of organizations and agencies working collaboratively to initiate community-wide action in programs that will improve and protect Jackson Hole’s surface and groundwater quality – which is vital to clean drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems for fish and wildlife, and quality of life for our current and future generations.

As a founding member of the JHCWC, we’ve worked to raise awareness for the water quality issues that our community is facing, and identify solutions that each of us can participate in to ensure that our valley and its native trout can have cold, clean, fishable water long into the future.

We hope that you will take a few moments to learn more about the JHCWC and follow us on Facebook. Please also look for the launch of the JHCWC’s Trout Friendly Lawns Program, which will include a certification program for homeowners seeking to minimize impacts to streams from their lawn care practices.

By Leslie Steen.