Attend School of Trout, become a piscatorial professor

Photo by Tim Romano

I’m very excited, humbled and honored to have been invited to take part in a new endeavor called the “School of Trout.” Guide, author, and Conservation Hawks lead man Todd Tanner is the School of Trout’s creator and headmaster. It’s a weeklong school that will allow students to dive into the sport of fly fishing under the instruction of some notable faculty members, including Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer (who’s taught millions to fish through his best-selling books), legendary angler Craig Matthews, artist Bob White (one of the newest additions to the TROUT magazine team), author/activist/guide Hilary Hutcheson, and my long-time buddy/photographer extraordinaire, Tim Romano (who took that photo of me scuba diving in a trout river for a Field & Stream story)… as well as others.

I kind of think of it like going to a fantasy camp for fly fishing (you know, like when you get to go play baseball or rounds of golf with the pros), only I’m lucky enough to be included as part of the crew. Shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone if I happen to bring my notebook and camera too. Trust me, I’m planning on sponging up as much as I can while I’m there.

The first School of Trout will be held at Trouthunter on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, Oct. 7-13, and it will focus on beginner to intermediate anglers. (But we’re all beginners and intermediates, right? Some intermediates just fish 150 days a year and land more fish than others). Maximum enrollment is 12 anglers, and potential “students” are asked to apply through the School of Trout website. It’s not a cheap deal, but it’s going to involve a heckuva lot more than average guide trips, and if you’re light on funds but long on desire, you can apply for some scholarship assistance.

We know it’s going to be a motivated group (instructors most definitely included… I’m already working on it and planning to open the whole can of whoop—). We know it’s happening in one of the most iconic trout settings in the world. I’m bringing some extra books and gear goodies to give away. And we’d love to have you join us. While my personal story is probably best described as “Schooled by Trout” I’m sure the School of Trout will be a full-tilt, total immersion, exchange of ideas and a unique opportunity for all involved.

— Kirk Deeter

By Chris Hunt.