Best beer ... for the fish?

We had a pretty lively social media discussion on favorite fishing beers recently—most folks took it in the spirit for which it was intended.

But how about what beers are actually best for the fish?

Trout Unlimited is fortunate to partner with several breweries across the country—businesses that give a share of their profits to TU to help protect cold, clean water that makes for both excellent fishing and excellent brews.

Presently, four breweries are designated as official TU Business Partners—these are outfits that make great beers and give back to TU so we can put that money to work on the ground protecting and restoring our rivers and making fishing better for everyone.

If you’re of the mind to support TU by keeping a few cold beers in the cooler, consider buying the following brands:

  • Upslope Brewing in Boulder, Colo. Operated by Henry Wood, Upslope is a big supporter of TU efforts in Colorado and the company recently signed on to help with TU’s campaign to protect the Smith River in Montana from the threat of a proposed heavy-metals mine in the river’s headwaters. And, from personal experience, the beer is damn good.
  • Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Colo., is a TU Business Partner that goes out of its way to support local TU events and volunteers working in northern Colorado on rivers like the Poudre and St. Vrain Creek.
  • Schilling Beer Co., in Littleton, N.H., is a TU Business Partner who helps with local events and conservation projects in the Northeast.
  • The Greenbriar Brewing Co. in Maxwelton, W.V., partners with TU volunteers and staff to work on river enhancement projects in Appalachia.

Also, Sweetwater Brewing out of Atlanta, through their Save our Waters program, has been instrumental in helping to fund TU’s Embrace-a-Stream program, which is our signature grant-making pipeline to local chapters, whose members use that money, on the ground, to restore and reconnect rivers and streams all over America. Beer and fish, it seems, are connected by the need for cold, clean water and healthy habitat.

There are other breweries around the country that have very productive relationships with local TU chapters and state councils. If you’re curious which breweries give back to TU and help us protect the water so vital to fish and good beer, check with your chapter or your state council to learn more. Putting your money into beers that help make fishing better might be the best way to pick your new favorite fishing beer.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.