Brook trout Haiku: Win this Hatch reel

By Kirk Deeter

The speckled brook trout

Fins in your deep memory

And wins you a reel

No fooling. We’re in a generous AND creative mood today, so we’re going to give away this beautiful, Hatch Outdoors 5-Plus Finatic Generation 2 reel… in a slick pewter finish. This is a $550 value.

All you have to do is enter, in the comment thread below (either on, or in the Facebook comments) your best Haiku thoughts. The subject for this one is simple “brook trout” (because that only eats up two syllables).

They can be funny, deep, whatever… but you have to follow Haiku format—in English—that being, three lines total, 17 syllables, five on line one, seven on line two, five on line three. Got it? Five, seven, five… good luck. We will announce the winner two weeks from today.

By Mark Taylor.