Chapter Leaders - learn how you can help fight Pebble Mine

If you have the thirst for 30 inch rainbows and rivers clogged with wild salmon then you are likely familiar with the Alaskan gem known as Bristol Bay. And if you are familiar with Bristol Bay then you likely are familiar with the Pebble Mine proposal and maybe have even submitted comments on it. But, if you aren’t familiar with the proposal, the quick summary is that a Canadian company has proposed a massive, open pit gold & copper mine at the headwaters of the most productive sockeye salmon fishery in the world. You can learn all about the risky proposal here.

In 2014 Alaskan Natives, commercial fisherman, and anglers made incredible progress on stopping the Pebble Mine when the Environmental Protection Agency announced their intentions to use their 404c powers under the Clean Water Act to stop the project before being permitted. President Trump’s administration has helped breathe new life into the Pebble Limited Partnership, whose stock has been on the rise and whose CEO has stated they will seek permits within the year.

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Photo: Pat Clayton. An angler prepares to release a beautiful Bristol Bay Chinook Salmon.

Moral of the story: the threat of Pebble Mine is once again alive and well. Here in Alaska: we’re not giving up or standing down – we’re mobilizing mine opponents who have grown in numbers unlike ever before! It’s time to kill this zombie once and for all. If you want to help spread the word and learn what you can do to help save Bristol Bay, please email me at We would be happy to provide you and your chapter or group of friends with a copy of the film “Red Gold,” as well as some No Pebble Mine Swag and comment cards for decision makers.

We’ve kicked Pebble Mine into the grave once before, let’s send it back and nail the coffin this time! Visit to donate or learn more and follow Save Bristol Bay on Facebook for updates.

By Brennan Sang. I’m a father, a husband, a jack-of-all-web-trades, and an avid outdoorsman.