Fisher Guiding Launches New Website

Yesterday a new tool for anglers will opened its doors to the world. It’s a web-based platform that helps anglers find guides from the Carribbean to Alaska. It’s called Fisher Guiding, and it’s goal is simple—to make guided fishing trips accessible for everyone.

“The whole idea behind it is accessible angling, making fishing more open,” says Fisher Guiding CEO and co-founder Edward Hill. “It’s a marketplace for anglers to discover and book fishing guides, and a tool for guides to promote and manage their bookings.”

Hill says Fisher Guiding was born out of necessity when he tried to book a fly fishing trip in the Everglades in 2016. “I always wanted to fish the Everglades, but you really need a guide to do it right. Between research, finding a guide with good reviews and a reasonable price point, then getting in touch with that guide, it took way too long. And, I couldn’t book the trip online. From that, the idea for Fisher Guiding came about.”

By Walt Gasson.