Fisher Guiding sporting 200 guides, online booking

Since launching in March 2017 with 12 initial guide partners, Fisher Guiding, a Trout Unlimited business member, has grown their website for booking guided fishing trips to include over 200 partnered fishing guid

es, charters, and lodges in 16 countries. is built for anglers to book guided trips in the same way other experiences can be booked, paid for, planned, and reviewed online in the modern day. Guides, captains, and lodge partners can join and list their service for free, partnering with Fisher Guiding for just a small trip commission in exchange for the awareness and technology that their global platform provides.

With easier access to booking guides and trips online, Fisher Guiding seeks to make it easier to fish more often in new locations and is encouraging more non-anglers to start fishing. Co-founders Edward Hill and Luke Campbell launched Fisher Guiding with a vision for how its growth can have positive effects for the outdoors as a whole.

“We want to increase the awareness of opportunities to fish, and use our platform’s voice to advocate for recreational fishing in sustainable ways,” said Fisher Guiding Co-founder Edward Hill. “As Trout Unlimited demonstrates, tapping into people’s passion for fishing is a way to get them actively engaged in protecting the environment around them. By helping independent guides get more clients booked with a lower commission than they’re used to from other third parties and outfits, we also want to ensure that fishing guides can make a fair living and make space for more anglers with the determination to start guiding to be able to do it successfully. In the end, giving anglers more options works to help everybody.”

Additionally, the Fisher Guiding team believes that facilitating reviews of guide partners will create a higher level of trust between potential clients and guides and will guarantee that more trips are arranged to the satisfaction of all parties.

Anglers can visit and search by location and trip options to see what’s available as new listings continue to be added. Contacting a guide and booking a trip for a reserved date simply requires signing up for an account with an email address to receive guide responses, trip receipts and the option to review guides after trips. For guides looking to set up a personal listing for their service, visit

By Walt Gasson.