Gallatin River Lodge: Montana Luxury

I love Montana. I even like Bozeman. Sometimes those are two different things, as lots of Montanans will be happy to tell you. If I were going to pick a place where I could be close to Bozeman and still feel like I was in “real” Montana, I’d stay with some friends at their ranch near the little town of Pony. But if they got tired of me, I’d stay at the Gallatin River Lodge.

Part of the reason is the owner, Steve Gamble. Steve worked with Kane Architecture and Robert Naert Construction to build a classic western inn that enhances a spectacular location just west of Bozeman, just a short walk from the world-renowned Gallatin River. Steve’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail produced a small luxury boutique hotel with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, business conference services, and most important, a quiet place to unwind and relax just 20 minutes from downtown Bozeman. Steve Gamble had a vision for relaxed elegance, and Gallatin River Lodge is it.

It’s also known as the best place for dinner in southwest Montana. With breath taking views, creative and classic cuisine, and a full bar, the lodge offers a Bozeman fine dining experience you will remember. Each aspect of dinner at the lodge is made from in-house ingredients, including an array of Montana products. Their relationships with local farms, ranches and dairies allow them to provide you the freshest ingredients year-round.

But you’re not reading this because you’re a luxury boutique hotel lover or because you’re obsessed with fine food. You’re reading this because you love trout fishing, so let’s cut to the chase. Fly fishermen and women from around the world travel to southwest Montana to fish. The goal at Gallatin River Lodge is to provide professional expertise on all their waters, always keeping in mind that you make the decisions on the type of fly fishing that you prefer. Their top-notch fly fishing guides help ensure that your fly fishing adventure is everything you expect… and much more.

Their waters are the rivers of legend: the Gallatin, Madison, Jefferson, Missouri and Yellowstone. They fish over seventy miles of each of these rivers and all are within an hour’s drive of the lodge. They also fish spring creeks such as DePuy’s, Armstrong’s, and Nelson’s. In addition, many small streams, private water and stillwaters are nearby. Each one of these waters is unique, and each one fishes differently at differently at different times. That’s why having a great guide is so important. Steve has been in the guiding and outfitting business for 34 years and he’s built a guide staff second to none. They’re pleasant, knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. They’re excellent instructors, well trained in handling drift boats and rafts on these swift rivers and are awesome fishing companions.

Check out Gallatin River Lodge. They’re a proud TU Business member.

Gallatin River Lodge

Steve Gamble

Bozeman, MT 59718

(888) 387-0148

By Walt Gasson.