Gear test: Costa Montauk Polarized Sunglasses

You have sunglasses and you have sunglasses.

Perhaps the most underutilized angling accessory, shades provide protection from the sun as well as a rogue cast that could cause a potential injury. Much like your most beloved hat, fleece or any other piece of fishing gear, sunglasses are particular to the angler. You might have one pair or five pairs.

Costa is no stranger to the outdoor sunglass market. Their polarized lenses are pristine and images are clear and never cloudy which is why they are a trusted brand on the water by many. New this year to the lineup are the Montauk, which Costa notes are “20 percent thinner and 22 percent lighter” than other brands and models. This is one of the features that make these a worthwhile purchase.

At first, I thought I would snap and break them, as they are lightweight. After wearing them for an all-day excursion, I forgot that I was even wearing them—I could not feel them resting on my nose.

In addition, the glasses fit tight to the face and temple area, which may be a turn off for some as it could create unneeded tension. However, this form fit allows for little light to pass through on the sides and provide an extra layer of eye safety. The bridge and arm ends have a rubberized Hydrolight material that helps to reduce sweat on the skin and provide a more solid fit during wavering temperature changes. I found them to be a good fit for me and my face but could see where they could be problematic for others.

—Kelly Buchta

By Chris Hunt.