Gear Test: Fishpond/Z2 sandals from Chaco

A confession at the outset: I love Chaco’s sandals. I bought my first pair more than 15 years ago before a trip to Costa Rica that was going to require a lot of walking. The toe strap on these sandals have always made them perfect for an active lifestyle, and because they break-in to fit the shape of your foot and the straps are customized to your feet, they became like a favorite pair of Levis. I wore them all the time. Why wouldn’t I? In fact, since that first pair, I have worn out two pairs.

River conservation is also very important to me—and to you too I expect. It’s why we are TU members isn’t it? It’s why we support this great organization with our time and our money. And in the bigger picture, it’s about giving back to future generations and preserving cold water fisheries across this great land.

But what do amazingly comfortable sandals and river conservation have to do with each other you ask? Wonder no more.

The Fishpond combine comfort, support of our environment, and new to this version, a specially designed sole made for wet wading and hiking. I’ve worn them on the bottom of a flat sandy lake, wet wading, and in and out of the boat on guided float trips and the newly designed tread, with VIBRAM ® Megagrip, really does the job. And through the collaboration of these two great companies, a portion of every purchase goes directly to support river conservation. As an added bonus, they look cool too—with the straps sporting a great trout pattern to let everyone know what your passion is. That’s what I call a win-win-win.

— Ron Gardner

By Chris Hunt.