Gear test: Groovy Grayling Belt by FisheWear

Looking for a way to flaunt your fishy style on the water or on the town? The Groovy Grayling Belt by FisheWear is a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward female angler.

This beautifully eye-catching design works perfectly with jeans and waders alike. It accommodates up to a 42” waist and can be cut to size. The durable Croakies bottle opener buckle adds a utilitarian feature to this fashion statement – practical for a stream-side celebration or backyard barbecue. Mine even came in handy at a TU Fundraising Banquet.

The belt is easy to adjust and the buckle stays in place despite the pin-less design. The nylon webbing is extremely durable and doesn’t stretch; however, I does retain moisture. So, following a day on the stream, I let it dry completely before storing or putting back in my jeans. This must have been a common observation, because FisheWear now also sells the waterproof fishing belt, made of durable thermoplastic eElastomer, the material used to line snowmobile tracks. That belt is reversible with the Groovy Grayling design on one side and black and white grayling on the other. The trade-off, no bottle opener on the buckle.

– Amy Koltz

By Chris Hunt.