Gear test: O'Pros Dragonfly rod holder

If you wade fish, you know there are times when you really need to have both hands free. On a good day, that would include having a free hand to grab your camera to take a picture of the lunker in your net. Or, if you’re like me, more likely it would be so that you can use both hands to untie that world-class wind knot you just put in your line without having to worry about dropping your rod, or getting your reel soaking wet, while you stand in the stream and attempt to untangle.

Enter O’Pros Dragonfly Rod Holder. This extremely sturdy and handy device clips right on to your wader belt (or your pants if you are wet wading), and acts as a third hand that holds your rod safely and securely on a horizontal plane. Anytime you need to have your hands free, you simply slip the handle of your rod into the seat of the Dragonfly, and you’re then free to stand, turn or kneel with little to no risk of damage to the rod.

The clips that secure this to your belt are extremely stiff and strong, and the holder itself is made of thick molded plastic, assuring you that the rod stays put once you have secured it to your side.

Once you start using the Dragonfly, you’ll have a hard time going back to the days of juggling your rod while you attempt to use both hands. Given the lightweight nature of the holder itself, and its compact size, you owe it yourself to give it a try. And if you’re like me, it will become one of those gadgets that start as a novelty, but ends up being one of the essentials you insist on every time you enter the water.

— Ron Gardner

By Chris Hunt.