Gear test: Simms Sungaiter Cool

When I was a kid working landscaping jobs to put myself through school, I was indifferent to the sun’s harmful rays. I’d burn once at the start of summer, and then I’d just tan and be good for the rest of the work season. I know now that it’s those early sunburns that catch up with you later in life in the form precancerous cells and other worrisome spots that keep us heading back to the dermatologist for frequent checkups.

While I’ve been lucky so far, I know where I’m predisposed to quick sun damage when I’m fishing, and it’s mostly on my face and my ears. I wear pullover face protection whenever I can, and, coupled with a hat and good sunglasses, I can generally avoid the worst of the sun’s rays. But man, that extral layer of protection can be stifling not, particularly in hot, humid conditions.

Enter the Simms Sungaiter Cool, a pullover designed to cover both the face and the ears of an angler, but with a breathable vent around the nose and mouth area. You wouldn’t think it would make a huge difference, but it truly does. Add in another great feature—the Sungaiter Cool is 30 percent cooler on its surface when it’s wet—and this product makes wading the flats a breeze.

For just under $40, the Sungaiter Cool is more than just a sophisticated pullover. It’s functional and comfortable and adds significant protection to your day spent wading, boating and fishing. If you’re predisposed to burns, particularly on the water where you’re getting the harmful UV rays from both the sun and its reflection off the water, consider the Sungaiter Cool.

I love mine, and likely won’t tackle a day on the flats without it.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.