Gear Test: STREAMtrekkers

We are all in search of balance; in our work, in our personal relationships, and in our lives. For many of us, finding balance means working in time to get outside and get on the water. Balance on the river or stream is a much less philosophical endeavor. And trudging through different environments requires footwear that keeps me on my feet—regardless of the terrain.

STREAMtrekkers by ICEtrekkers did the job. Easy to slip on over your boots (rubber or felt sole), these relatively lightweight, diamond-beaded grippers made wading across uneven rocks and slippery graveled bottoms a breeze. I intentionally traversed steep sandy banks, muddy swamps, and fast-running rocky-bottom rapids, and found the STREAMtrekkers greatly enhanced the grip of my boots—making keeping my balance easier.

I didn’t notice a tremendous difference when in silt or muck—but they didn’t make walking on that type of surface any more difficult either. In fact, over the course of several days, I became convinced that these add-ons will not be coming off. The increased performance of my boots on most terrains cannot be overstated.

My sense of life-balance is greatly improved when I can go out and fish, work on a stream, or simply walk through the tall grass, rocks and mud. My sense of actual balance when I set out on such a quest is greatly improved with STREAMtrekkers. You won’t be disappointed—and who knows? Maybe they will help you get more quickly to your happy place (both literally and figuratively).

— Ron Gardner

By Chris Hunt.