Gear test: Tepui Expedition Series duffle bag

I’m not sure why I never connected the potential of a great tent maker (especially one like Tepui that specializes in roof top camping regularly associated with the beach) producing a top-flight wet duffle, but it is a marriage made in heaven.

The Tepui Expedition Series Duffle bag is, in a phrase, the best duffle I have ever used. Polyester canvas coated in resin creates a bag that is strong, durable, waterproof and extremely versatile. In my initial use, I threw it in the front of a float boat with the day’s supplies and an extra set of dry clothing in case the river got a little wild, and it worked just like a good wet bag would work—it kept things dry. But that was to be expected, right? It was the next couple of uses that really elevated this bag, in my opinion.

I could tell from the first moment I opened the bag that because of the way the top flap was engineered, the ability to get a lot of gear in the bag was greatly enhanced. And I was right. The bag holds more gear than any bag I have ever owned. So I took the plunge and used it as the main bag for carrying gear and clothing on a few trips.

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive, as large bags full of gear usually translate into being very uncomfortable to lug around. Not this bag. The well-positioned shoulder strap (connected on opposite corners and not just straight across the top), along with its wide and well-cushioned pad, make moving the bag easy and comfortable. The hand grip is well-padded too, so picking the bag up to get it in and out of the car or boat is also easy and comfortable.

I may never buy another bag—and if I do, I expect it will be made by a company that makes tents. Who knew?

— Ron Gardner, Minneapolis, Minn.

By Chris Hunt.