Gear Test: The Generatr S100

I work. A lot. But like you, I love to fish. And one of the things I enjoy the most about our sport is time away from the office. Finding a balance between the two is hard, especially when I want to be really away from it all. Recently however, I have discovered a product that helps me achieve that balance—the EnerPlex Generatr S100.

The hardest part of being away is making sure I can stay connected. That means my laptop, my iPad and my cell phone all need to be charged and ready to go. But having that much power in a mobile charger is a rarity I had not experienced until I tried the Generatr S100. The unit itself is about 2 pounds, small enough to fit in my sling pack if I wanted it there, and has five different outlets for charging—a standard A/C plug (which was great for my laptop), a 12v port for lights, a 19v laptop outlet and 2 USB ports. And they can be used simultaneously!

Recently, I plugged my completely dead laptop and my iPad into the Generatr S100 at the same time, and in less than 2 hours, they were both completely charged, with power to spare left in the charger! (There is nothing worse than a charger that can’t supply even one full charge.)

I previously tried the EnerPlex Solar Panel chargers (see the review of the EnerPlex Kikr IV in the Winter 2017 issue of Trout), and combining these two products means I can run all of my electronics wherever I may roam. So while my workload may not be getting any lighter, my ability to escape with that workload, to a place where I might also slip off and toss a line for a while, has greatly been enhanced.

— Ron Gardner

By Chris Hunt.