Gear test: Thermacell Backpacker

One of the surprising highlights to the summer camping season was the day my Thermacell “Backpacker” arrived in the mail.

This little device does a number on mosquitos. Thermacell’s lantern has been out for awhile, but the “Backpacker” is new. It attaches to a typical camp propane canister and uses a repellent mat to do its magic. This little unit as the name implies is small enough to throw in a backpack or even carry on a bike trip.

I have had great success using this around my camp kitchen to keep the mosquitos at bay. It seems effective in about a 30-square-foot area.

The unit heats up and activates the repellent mat and lasts around four hours per mat. This is a very effective device and works well without the stickiness and the smell that you get with the sprays.

Try one out the next time you are heading out to set up camp.

— Bill Thorne

By Chris Hunt.