Guess this river, win a prize

Many great comments were submitted for last month’s Guess the River contest but there can only be one winner. This time around it’s Justin Garant with the guess of the Green River in northern Utah. Justin, reach out to me at and I’ll have something in the mail for your correct answer.

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The Green River is one of the West’s storied fishing destinations. From its headwaters in the stunning Wind River Range to the legendary tailwater below Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Green is what most anglers imagine when they dream of chasing wild trout in the remote and untamed West. And for the people who live on its banks, it’s much more than just a trout fishery. With 16,000 trout per mile in the first seven miles of river below Flaming Gorge, the Green is integral to the lives of many in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado who depend on it for their livelihoods.

Having loved all the great comments and responses from the last post I’m going for it again. This time I’ll give you a hint. Think east of the Mississippi. Have fun with this and happy guessing. — Josh Duplechian

By Josh Duplechian.