Klamath River dam removal plan submitted

Iron Gate dam, one of the four dams slated for removal under the Klamath Hydropower Settlement Agreement and the KRRC plan.

On June 28, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation submitted a major filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding the KRRC’s “

Definite Plan” for removing four old hydropower dams on the Klamath River.

Brian Johnson, director of Trout Unlimited’s California program, called this action “A major step forward in the long process of restoring the third most productive river for salmon and steelhead on the West Coast.”

The Definite Plan was filed as part of KRRC’s applications to FERC for the transfer and surrender of the license for operating the dams. FERC will review the plan to confirm that KRRC has the technical, legal, and fiscal capacities to become the licensee. The Definite Plan provides comprehensive analysis and detail on project design, decommissioning, reservoir restoration, and other post-deconstruction activities as well as updated information on project costs and risk management.

KRRC’s dam removal and river restoration project will be the largest dam removal project in U.S. history and is expected to improve water quality, revive fisheries, create local jobs, and boost tourism and recreation.

For years Trout Unlimited has been closely involved in negotiations aimed at restoring the Klamath River and providing greater water security for upper basin agriculture and communities and downstream fisheries. Johnson said TU remains committed to a comprehensive water sharing agreement for the upper basin and will continue to support efforts to realize that solution while dam removal plans proceed.

~Sam Davidson

By Sam Davidson. Sam Davidson hired on at Trout Unlimited in 2003, and has served as communications director for TU’s Western Water Project, field director for TU’s public…