Let's get back to our roots

These days, it seems like we encounter a lot of distraction – we’re sucked in by problemsthat don’tmatter and daily stressthat haslittle consequence in the grand scheme of things.

So for this year’s State of Trout Unlimited speech we decided it was time to get back to our core values.

For a few of us, that came earlier this spring as we had the opportunity to float down Montana’s iconic Smith River in the middle of April. Picturefive kids under the age of seven, about 10 pounds of fruit snacks, thirty pounds of juice boxes, 60 miles of river and a forecast full of sketchy weather. Perfect, right?

The Smith is not without it’s problems. Currently a foreign mining company is trying to place a copper mine in one of it’s most important headwater streams (you can tell the Governor that’s a bad idea here). And as we made our way, mile after mile, down the river, the thought was never far from our mind. But looking back, the stress – the problems- theyall seemto fade, making our purposeclear.

This year, we hope you take the opportunity to get back to the basics too.

State of Trout Unlimited – Intro from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

By Shauna Stephenson. Shauna Stephenson has been a writer, photographer, communicator and conservationist for nearly two decades, the past decade being spent at Trout Unlimited, working on projects…