New gear: O'Pros gear lineup

I’ve become a fly-fishing minimalist. I think, save for maybe a couple trips north this summer to chase pike, I foresook all external gear holders and simply took to stuffing my pockets with necessary items, like nippers, hemostats, a bottle of fly floatant, a spool of tippet and maybe a box of flies in each back pocket.

Outdoor Professionals Gear Line up from Angling Trade Media on Vimeo.

Video by Tim Romano and Nick Hoover, Angling Trade.

At the same time, I’m generally a sucker for the gadgets that are designed to make my fishing easier and more efficient. The folks at O’Pros have figured out how to help an angler like me do more with less. For instance, the belt-mounted rod holder lets a wading angler (this is particularly helpful for folks who like to walk and wade the flats) carry a second rod, or simply stash your rod while you’re retying tippet or changing flies. They also have the hat-mounted fly holders that give you a place to store flies before and after you use them—maybe I can ditch the back pocket method?

At any rate, these are some of the little things that might have staying power in the fly-fishing market place. Check out the video above for more.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.