New gear: Simms G3 camo waders

Good anglers consider every variable, particularly when they’re stalking wary fish. I know that, when I’m on a spring creek casting carefully to rising trout in cold, clear water, I do my best limit my profile and carefully consider the color of clothing I wear— I usually go with muted earthton

es, or, on bright, sunny days, lighter colors, like white or even a light blue.

But when fishing in cover, sometimes the solid colors can give you away to spooky trout.

Simms Fishing Camo Waders from Angling Trade Media on Vimeo.

Video by Tim Romano and Nick Hoover, Angling Trade.

Enter the new Simms G3 “river camo” boot-foot waders. Crafted in cooperation with Veil Camo, the waders’ camo patter is specifically designed for fishing—as you’ll see in the video above, the folks at Veil crafted it to mimick what fish see from beneath the water. As Simms claims in its marketing marterials, camo waders come in handy “because fish aren’t blind.”

It’s a creative design, and one that is probably due in the high-end wader space. And “high-end” is an apt description, as these babies aren’t cheap. They retail at just under $800.

I’ve had a pair of Simms G3 waders now for four seasons, and I’ve never had a single issue with them. That makes the price tag seem a bit more reasonable, no?

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.