New gear: Simms Tributary waders

Those of us with kids have all been there. Do we spend the money on quality waders for the young ones so the whole family can enjoy a day or a season on the water? Or do we go with a lesser-known brand, one we don’t trust, and kind of roll the dice?

In a world where you really do get what you pay for, that decision looms large. Kids grow up quickly. They outgrow school clothes, shoes, belts, jackets … and they outgrow waders. Why spend big money on waders that might only last a single season before they end up as a hand-me-down for siblings or cousins? Or worse … on the rack at a garage sale for 50 cents?

Enter the new Simms Tributary Waders made for kids and priced for their parents. At $139, these quality waders made by Simms and backed by the company’s reputation, are a safe buy. They may only last a year or two before the kids grow out of them, but they’ll last.

Above, TU’s Walt Gasson talks with Rich Hohne, the senior director of marketing and brand management at Simms, at this year’s IFTD show in Orlando about these waders with the surprisingly appealing price point. It might help to know, too, that Simms has long been a TU supporter, and has for years helped with TU’s campaigns on the ground. The company is with TU on the effort to protect Montana’s watersheds from the dangers of hard-rock mining—it supports a ballot initiative in Montana that would require mining companies clean up after themselves when they’re done mining.

So, for affordable waders for the kiddos—and for being a great TU Business Partner—we simply say to Simms, “Thank you.”

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.