New gear: Tacky Flydrophobic fly box

One of the biggest challenges with waterproof fly boxes is that they’re waterproof on the outside … and on the inside, too. How many times have you opened your waterproof fly box a week or so after you last closed it, only to find the flies you used on your last outing busy rusting out?

Tacky, a company founded in American Fork, Utah, by a pair of reproductive geneticists (yes, seriously), is working to address this issue with it’s new Flydrophobic boxes. Using a unqiue silicon to hold flies—you slide flies in backwards at the bend rathe that hook them into the material—the company has crafted a floating and totally waterproof box that also includes a water-soaking fabric glued into the back of the lid. This allows any water inside the fly box to be absorbed rather than left to dry and rust on the silicon.

It’s an innovative idea that is catching on. The company won “best in show” at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Orlando in 2016, and this new fly box is getting rave reviews this year. And, as a bonus, it looks like TU is going be offering these boxes in an upcoming gift campaign—stay tuned.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.