New gear: Vedavoo Damsel sling pack

I’ve been a fan of the sling pack for a good decade now. A good sling is lighter than a vest, more streamlined than a backpack and, if you can find the right one, comfortable to wear in any number of fishing conditions.

But until now, no sling pack has been made specifically for women. Female anglers who’ve been dealing with the discomfort of traditional packs might want to check out the new Damsel sling pack from Vedavoo.

“Neither shrink, nor pink, our new sling built specifically for women has a unique four-way stretch harness designed to contour more comfortably with a lady’s unique topography,” Vedavoo announced at the IFTD show in Orlando this week. It’s simple. Women and men aren’t built the same way. It’s about time a soft-goods manufacturer recognized that fact and developed a unique sling pack to better fit women.

Full disclosure. I am an unabashed fan of Vedavoo and it’s founder Scott Hunter, who decided several years back that good, durable soft goods could, indeed, be made in America. A Wyoming native living in New England, Scott started Vedavoo in his garage. He taught himself how to sew in his garage on maching he picked up off of Craigslist. Today, years later, every Vedavoo pack and sling is hand-made by craftspeople in America using American materials and American labor.

What’s more, Vedavoo packs work. I’ve carried a Vedavoo sling pack with me for the better part of a decade—my packs have been around the world in both salt and freshwater angling conditions. I’ve never been disappointed. Ever.

Female anglers looking for a light-weight on-the-water pack might want to check out the new Damsel when it becomes available this fall. If it’s anything like the products Vedavoo has produced in recent years, it’s certainly worth a look.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.