Pebble Mine footprint - PR changes nothing

Cartoon by Michael O’Meara

The past several months the Pebble Partnership, who aims to develop the highly controversial and widely opposed Pebble Mine in Bristol, Bay Alaska, has been touting their new mine plans to Alaskans in hopes of winning them over with new “smaller

” and “safer” design claims. Alaskans see through the rhetoric – it’s not economically feasible to build a small mine in Bristol Bay. Simultaneously, Pebble Partnership is doing some serious gold digging throughout the lower 48 to attract investors with presentations promising a massive, multi generational mine that reflects a project much larger than the one they are currently peddling to Alaskans.

Something smells fishy here and we’re positive it’s not our winter rations of salmon.

As Pebble continues to spread misinformation in order to entice investors, we’ll continue to say, “wrong mine, wrong place.”

Photo by Ben Knight

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By Jenny Weis.