Short casts: Buying a new rod; top five dries; Orvis app, and more

Photo courtesy of Hatch Magazine

Buying a new fly rod can be intimidating, especially for newer fly fishers who might not be as familiar with the descriptive terms, like rod action, loading and shock. The first fly rod I ever owned was bought for me, and I have it to this day (an old Orvis Clearwater that’s probably close to 30 years old). Every now and then, I’ll pull it out of the case and fish it. Now, after decades of fly fishing and casting “new and improved” rods, I can appreciate its slower action and slightly heavier feel—it’s like slipping on an old pair sneakers. It just … fits.

Check out this piece in Hatch about buying a new rod. It’s worth the read, particularly if you undertake this endeavor infrequently.

Here’s what else is happening in the fly-fishing world:

  • My friend Rich Landers from Spokane writes about chasing early roosters and jacks on the Baja last spring. It’s become one of the coolest endeavors one can do with a fly rod, honestly..
  • Skip Morris offers up his version of the top five dry flies. I’m not sure we’re on the same page, but I do like to see how others pick their favorites.
  • A friend of mine suggested recently that I should check out the Orvis fly-fishing app for my Android phone. I’ve been trying to find a good phone app on fly fishing for years, and we’ve even considered crafting one at TU. But now, there’s no need. This app offers everything anglers might need, from regional fishing reports, to casting advice, fly advice, links to the Orvis podcast, knot advice and more. Give it a shot.
  • The latest issue of Southern Culture on the Fly is out. It’s a must-read if you live in the South, or visit to fish.

And, finally, your moment of fly-fishing Zen:

Photo courtesy of Steve Seinberg and Southern Culture on the Fly.

By Chris Hunt.