Short casts: Guides save drowning baby; restoring a PA spring creek; Nova Scotia salmon, and more

Those of us who have employed fishing guides know just how hard the work really is. It may seem a romantic profession—and certainly aspects of it border on ethereal—but mostly it’s an up-early and to-bed-late gig with no traditional benefits like health insurance, a retirement plan or a pension. And it’s not an easy job, dealing with anglers who can range from easy-to-instruct to downright petulant. If it weren’t for the customary tip at the end of the day, the job would be largely thankless.

But a couple of fishing guides on California’s Sacramento River have more than earned some real gratitude. Fly fishing guides on the upper Sac, Chris King and Darrin Deel pulled a drowning baby out of the river last month and saved the infant’s life. They also saved the baby’s mother, who, in a dark twist, has now been charged with attempted murder. To King and Deel, a hero’s challice of the best PBR. Way to go, boys.

State College, Pa., is a college town.

It’s also a trout town. That area is spring creek heaven, with many limestoners filled with good populations of wild browns. One of those streams is actually named Spring Creek, and it has a direct connection to Penn State as a tributary to that famous stream actually has its headwaters on campus. It’s called Thompson Run, itself the site of a recent TU-led restoration project.

Without getting too deep into the story, there’s a duck pond on campus, at the headwaters of Thompson Run, that used to be fed by a big spring. In the mid 1970s, local TU folks led a successful effort to separate the spring from the pond, which improved the quality of the water going into Thompson Run. There have been other projects since, all aimed at helping water quality in the watershed. Mark Nale, the outdoors columnist at the Centre Daily Times recently wrote this great piece about the most recent restoration project, and includes some good history on the subject.

Here’s what else is happening in the fishing world today:

And, finally, your moment of fly-fishing Zen:

Want a print of this on the man (or woman)-cave wall? Jermemy Nevins might be able to help you out.

By Chris Hunt.